Onward Cascade Navy Tee

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Size: XS

Moving toward a brighter future. 

When we're up against a plateau it can feel like a never-ending grind...

Like we're putting all of our efforts into moving forward but not making any progress...

But the truth is, when we're in the daily grind...

The small, incremental wins keep stacking up whether we see them or not.

And eventually, they reach critical mass and we are able to move ONWARD.

The Onward Cascade Tee is a reminder of exactly that - to keep moving in the right direction no matter what. The trailing colors in the design symbolizing the positive effects running have in our lives. 

10% of all profit is donated to Usona Institute for research on battling depression and anxiety. Join us in outrunning the dark today!

  • 100% combed spun cotton
  • Made to order in US and Europe🇺🇸🇪🇺
  • 100% happy or your money back


  • Wash Cold, Inside Out, Delicate Cycle
  • Air dry for longevity


PS! The shirt is unisex so order a size down. If it does not fit we will always send you a new one!


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