Putting off Running? Here Are 5 Strategies To Get You Out The Door

Putting off Running? Here Are 5 Strategies To Get You Out The Door


Expectation vs Reality 

We have all been there. You have just finished a long day at work, wolfed down dinner and now find yourself sprawled on the couch with the only exercise in sight being browsing the Netflix catalog. 

Oh that run? I'll go tomorrow. 

Turns out we are terrible decision makers once we have found the couch, and that is why we need to outsmart ourselves in advance. 

In search for a better way to combat decision making fatigue, we have collected some of the best time-tested strategies of the running community. 

Without further ado, here are the 5 best tips designed to get you out the door and hitting the trails: 

1. Schedule it

The first thing you can do to avoid your inner couch dweller is to plan your training week in advance. 

If you can’t see it in your calendar it is not a priority. 

If 5 to 7 pm is a willpower danger zone, schedule your run to a different time. Before dinner or later at night are both good options. If you see grumpy cat in the mirror before dinner then have a snack by the end of your workday to make the run easier. 

Seeing your workout on your calendar will greatly diminish your pre-run procrastination. The decision has already been made.




2. Lay it out

If you are planning to run after work, have EVERYTHING ready the night before. The shoes, the leggings, the socks, the jacket. Everything.

If you think you will get hungry, have a snack ready prepared. That way you can be out the door running in a matter of minutes before you have had the chance to think up the excuses.


3. Set the bar low

The longer the run the more will power you will need to do get yourself out the door.  Lowering your expectations can drastically help. Plan for a 1K run or even a 5 min jog. Once you hit the threshold you can increase the mileage. 

Think of your will power like a muscle. Start small, then slowly increase the distance as you build up your will power. 



4. Team up 

Accountability is a major contributor to any behavioral change. To take advantage of this, schedule your runs together with a friend so you can hold each other accountable. Talking pace is perfect pace, and running is great for catching up.

PS! Decide in advance that you will run no matter what if your running partner can't go. Don’t let anyone else be your excuse. 



5. Sign up for a race

If you are struggling to be consistent with your training, sign up for a race.  It doesn't matter if it is a marathon or a local 5K run.

Signing up for a race will dramatically increase your likelihood of running on the days when you are not feeling it. This is also twice as fun and effective when doing it with a running partner. 


Bonus tip: Join a virtual running club!

Strava is the facebook of running where your legs do the talking.  Here you can log your workouts and get positive feedback from friends or other runners in your area. 

We have a running club on Strava called Outrun the dark where everyone is welcome, no matter if you go for Sunday strolls or run sub 3hr Marathons.

So there you have it, the 5 top strategies from the running community to get you off the couch when you don't feel like it.

1. Plan your training week 
2. Get everything ready
3. Set the bar low
4. Team up with a friend
5. Sign up for a race 

Good luck with your training, and remember as long as you are out the door you are already winning! 

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