Meet the Outrunners: Britt Bri

Meet the Outrunners: Britt Bri

Outrun the Dark is a brand representing a community of runners who outrun their darkness. We call them Outrunners. Either for themselves or others, an Outrunner is someone who runs to stay ahead of the darkness, and in the process inspire those around them.

In Meet the Outrunners  you get to know some of them better,  what drives them, what their struggles are and what has helped them get past them.

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Outrunner Britt Bri. She has been an encouraging force inside our community since the start, cheering other members on and embodying the warrior spirit.  We are happy to have Britt in our community, and we are excited to present her own Outrun the dark Signature Tee (pictured) launching on Monday!

Hello! First off, congratulations on getting your own Outrunner Signature Tee! What does it mean to you and what does it feel like? 

Overwhelming joy. Just to know that so many people are inspired by me is amazing. It was the perfect time and keeps me moving to better my mental health.

It means I can’t give up because I have a community of Warriors that need me. I also have a community that understands my struggle.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are? where you are from? and what you do? 

My name is Britt and I’m from from Ypsilanti, MI. I work for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in the Child Welfare department as a Child Protective Services Investigator. 

What are you passionate about outside of running and your day job?

I am huge on being a mentor for Big Brother Big Sister of Washtenaw County. I am also passionate about health and fitness. Helping others to be their best selves. I am passionate about encouraging others who struggle with mental illness. I also enjoy volunteering anywhere around my community. 

When and how did you start running? 

I started running when I was in 7th grade. My dad is my hero and he ran so I thought I would give it a shot. My freshmen year I made varsity and MVP after the Cross Country season. I felt amazing that I earned such an amazing title, so I stuck with the sport. I stopped competing during track season in my senior year of high school. I never felt like part of a team. I ran because I was fast and earn numerous awards. I occasionally compete in races around my area but I don’t enjoy competing as much as I do running on my own. 

During my early twenties I realized that running was great for my mental health. I later discovered that I was becoming obsessed with it and wasn’t happy. So now I run to put a smile on my face, and do it when I have tons of time so I can really get into it and make the best of my workout.


What does Outrun the Dark mean to you? 

Outrun the Dark means to deal with all my emotions; stress, worries, and any other issues when I run. To feel all my emotions while running and not being ashamed to feel the darkness. 

What is your favorite part about the Outrun the dark community? 

The community is there for someone whenever they need them. They give others encouragement for sharing their struggles, send positive vibes, and send love when someone is struggling. The community is safe to come out and voice whatever may be on your mind.

What has been the most trying part of your life up until now? What helped you get through it? 

Being raped five times and losing my sister due to suicide. My support system was spending time in a psychiatric hospital. Fitness has always been a huge part of helping me get through this. Coming out and sharing my story on social media has really helped me feel not alone. It gives me hope that I can continue my life.  

So sorry about your loss and hear you had to go through that. Is there anything you wish your younger self knew that you know today? 

It’s important to ask for help when struggling. It doesn’t mean I am weak. If I ask for help it takes burdens off of me and I get support and help. 

What helps you go for a run when you don’t feel like it? 

Wearing my workout clothes throughout the day. Telling myself (and my support system) I am going for a run today helps, and I pull from the encouragement I receive. 

What is your alternative workout when you can't run because of injury or circumstance? 

I haven’t been injured since 2015. Lol. I enjoy biking as well. If I can’t run because of ice or too cold I don’t workout at all. 

Do you have any quotes live by? 

“I am Fucking Awesome the World is Mine”

“You’re a fighter. Look at everything you’ve overcome. Don’t give up now.”

When posting on social media I use #warriorsince1989 #warrior4life #youareawarrior


If you could put anything on a billboard in front of the world to see, what would you put on it? 

Anything that is a positive affirmation that states that I am me and I am amazing. 

Are you currently training for any upcoming races? 

I only run to put a smile on my face :) 

Anything else you want to add before we wrap up? 

I feel blessed that I found Outrun the dark! Every time I post I am filled with joy with the outpouring support I receive from the community. 

Thank you Britt for sharing your story! Keep on running and keep on smiling! We cannot wait to hear more from you! 

The Outrun x Britt Limited Edition Tee will be available on Monday. 

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