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Cheer on yourself

Cheer on yourself

In the spirit of Self-Care Week, we sat down with community admin Tara Nicole, who has been preaching the importance of Self-Care ever since we got to know her. We wanted to know what Self-care me...

5 Podcasts Every Runner Should Hear

1. Courtney Dauwalter2. Amelia Boone3. Cam Hanes4.

5 books Every Runner Should Read

1. Meditaitons by Marcus Aurelius 2. Shoe dog by Phil Knight 3. Born to run 4. Subtle art of Not Giving A F*CK 5. Discipline Equals Freedom 

How To Stop Worrying and Start Running

1. Journal 2. Meditate 3. Run 3 times a week 4. Go to bed 9PM 5. Read before bed.

5 Mental Benefits of Running

Did you know that running saves lives?

Benefits of Running on our mental health

Benefits of Running on our mental health

  Whether it’s the jokes about running replacing therapy or the elusive “runner’s high,” we seem to know that running is good for us not just physically but mentally too. How exactly does it help ...